“Let’s play a game. I ask a question with two options. You need to choose one. Fast.”

“Okay. Deal.”

“Let’s start.”

“Bring it on!”

“Chocolate or Ice-cream?”

“Ice-cream. But if it’s chocolate, it has to be dark. If it’s Kit Kat, it has to be Green Tea.”

“AN answer.”


“Tea or coffee?”

“Hmmm. Tea: Green Tea, or Earl Grey with brown sugar. Coffee: Black. No sugar.”

“I am not asking your preference.”

“Too bad.”

“Dessert or appetizer?”

“Dessert. Always dessert. I would rather have my dessert first, then main course.”

“Indian or Chinese?”



“LOL! Chinese.”

“Eat or sleep?”


“Did you notice out of five questions, which you suppose to reply me with an answer but u always have something more to say, and only one with a solid respond?”


“Why so complicated?”

“I am a woman!”


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