Izzie is back in town!!

Salam wahai penduduk di seantero Malaya. Gwe sudah pulang dari Jakarta. Masih capek. Maklomlah, semalam baru sampei di Kuala Lumpur terus aja masuk ke kantor. Banyak nak kena tune balik ni; lidah, duit, masa, ho ho ho.

Cerita dari kota Jakarta akan dihapdet dengan kadar tidak berapa nak segera. Harap maklom.

6 thoughts on “Izzie is back in town!!

  1. i was thinking when will you update an entry about Jakarta. and i thought if you’re already post it here, i’ll just link it from my blog. so since i have extra time (on MC today and feeling a whole lot better), im gonna update about the trip myself lah.. hehe (pic courtesy from your camera jugak lah of course :P)

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