La Grande Classique de Longines

Saya perhatikan muka jam. Saya amati betul-betul. Saya rasa agak canggung bila angka Roman yang keempat itu lain daripada kebiasaan yang saya lihat. Lazimnya, angka Roman yang keempat ditulis sebagai “IV” tapi di muka jam ini saya lihat ia ditulis dengan “IIII”.

Saya kira, mungkin Longines melakukan kesilapan. Tak apalah..

La Grande Classic de Longines


Dan hari-hari saya diteruskan seperti biasa. Hingglah pada suatu ketika, saya terperasan yang jam buatan lain yang menggunakan angka Roman juga seperti jam tangan saya.

Saya Google untuk jawapan yang pasti. Beberapa teori yang menarik adalah;

  • Using IIII brings more symmetry and balance to the dial. The IIII offsets the heavy VIII that is found on the other side. This theory, I think, is probably the strongest theory for the use of IIII.
  • The strict use of IV instead of IIII wasn’t common until after the middle ages, the Romans generally used IIII. Clocks (and watches) are patterned after sundials, which were in use long before the middle ages. I think this is probably the second strongest reason. There is a lot of tradition in watches and clocks.
  • Using four I’s instead of one I and one V makes it easier to cast the metal numerals. This theory seems kind of weak to me. Why would watchmakers and clockmakers, who spend gobs of time making complicated mechanisms, fancy dials, and beautiful cases, choose IIII over IV just because it is slightly easier to make?
  • The first two letters of Jupiter would often be written as IV because curved letters are hard to cut into stone. Therefore some people thought it was sacrilegious to use IV. Of course, few people still worshiped Jupiter when the first clocks were being made, so this doesn’t seem to be a very strong theory on its own. It may have influenced the Romans in their use of IIII instead of IV.
  • There are various stories about how various kings either declared IIII to be correct, or objecting to the use of IV because they were King Something the IV. The problem with these stories is that the use of IIII generally preceded these various kings, the theory doesn’t explain the wide spread usage of IIII across all kindoms, and the lack of details and contradictions in the stories make them all sound like urban legends.
  • Most watch and clockmakers were just ordinary folks, but it would have taken a doctor or a registered nurse to give an “IV.” (This bad joke is complements of Steve Maddox). [Note: IV is Intravenous therapy].

Sila check jam anda. Dan satu lagi yang sentiasa menjadi tanda tanya, kenapa default setting jam pada angka 10:10?

Aesthetics. The 10:10 position gives the clock or watch a number of benefits:

  • The hands not overlapping, so they’re fully and clearly visible and their styling can be admired.
  • The arrangement of the hands is symmetrical, which people generally find more pleasant than asymmetry, making the product more appealing to customers.
  • The manufacturer’s logo, usually in the center of the face under the 12, is not only visible, but nicely framed by the hands.
  • Additional elements on the face (like date windows and secondary dials), usually placed near the 3, 6, or 9, won’t be obscured.
  • According to the folks at Timex (who set their products at 10:09:36 exactly), the standard setting used to be 8:20, but this made the face look like it was frowning. To make the products look “happier,” the setting was flipped into a smile (occasionally, you’ll still see the 8:20 setting on some clocks or watches where the manufacturer’s logo is at bottom of the face above the 6).

Saya suka muka jam dengan angka Roman. Tampak klasik dan elegan!

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6 thoughts on “La Grande Classique de Longines

  1. emm.. i dont have a watch. so i couldn’t care much about the numbers printed on it. but, if you want to give me one, then i think, i’ll become more alert on this matter. bwahahahaha.. 😀

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