hadiah untuk Mr.K

This is what I gave him for his so-called expired birthday. He never made it easy since he was not co-operating and did not let me know which Hugo Boss perfume he used to wear (which I loike the most!).

He said, “Find it yourself.”


And yes I did. I still can remember those scent! Those erotic scent whenever he’s next to me. (Bau yang sangat manly!)

I managed to got the correct perfume after hunting for the right one. More than 10 Hugo Boss perfumes I had to sniff at. And many times I had to sniff at the coffee beans as well!

I tested so many, till the only bottle left. I crossed my finger, hoping it was the one! (Sampai penat promoter tu nak layan saya punya treasure hunting nak mencarikan the right perfume for him sedangkan satu hint pun dia tak kasik!)

He never made it easier for me!

But it’s worth it. To get him the correct perfume after more than 5 years from the last time he used it..


iZZie speaks:

I really like Hugo Boss In Motion rather than your Calvin Klein, Lacoste, and God knows other perfumes you have on your dressing table 😛


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