you’re my heartbreaker

Texted him. No answer.

Dialed up his number. But the only answer I received over and over was, “Your call has been forwarded to the voice mail.. bla bla bla”.

I waited.

Finally  the iPhone was ringing. He called.


Me: You are a heartbreaker.

Him: Sorry. My battery was low. And I was just finished the very long meeting at the Grand Millennium Hotel.

Me: How are you? Tired I guess?

Him: I am extremely exhausted. Mind and body tired.

Me: Had your dinner?

Him: Yes.


Him: Don’t worry. Let me go back, take my shower and later I will come and see you. We can have some ice cream.

Me: How do you know I want to eat ice cream so badly?

Him: It’s just a guess.


I am going to miss you when you are in Labuan.


3 thoughts on “you’re my heartbreaker

  1. kahkahkahkahkah, manja ka mengadaaaaaaaaaaaa ni? :p hoi,makan ice cream apa? BR ka? T________T aku kempunan ice cream lembu ni T___T

    • ako bukanlah manja..
      jauh sekali mengada.. gagagaga
      ako p makan oreo mc flurry ja weh. drive thru plak tuh
      hg tak abeh2 dengan eskrem lembuuuuu

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