Money, Power & Time

I have problem when it comes to meeting up with new people. In this case, Mr.K’s friends. It is the hardest thing to do since I have low self-esteem. I don’t feel confident. I really feel that my PR is totally sucks! And for sure I going to look awkward and uncomfortable.

Plus, meeting up with his friends means so much for me!

And did I mention that Mr.K’s friends are much older than he is? In other words, much mature compared to me?

And he made me meeting up with this friend of his, who has been wanting to meet me for ages. He made me feel so miserable since I was unprepared, and I was not in my best attire!

But he convinced me that I can do it, made use to it. And couldn’t run away and make up excuses everytime, am I?

So there was I, meeting up with his friends. Getting to know with each other, which they asked me loads of questions so that I don’t feel silence awkward among those guys.

Definitely I was still shy. That’s my nature.

But they made me feel comfortable as the time passed by.

But the topic the really caught my attention when his friend talked about; Money, Power & Time.

This 3 things, will never come together.

If you have money, you cannot have the time.

You can have the money and power at the same time, but you still cannot have the time.

If you have the time, you don’t have the money.

Say you are broke/unemployed, surely you have so many time. But do you own many cash in your pocket? Unless your parents are so rich and sponsor you with everything 😛



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