The Wolfman

Watch this movie on Saturday night. Mid-night movie with Mr.K as usual at Signature The Gardens. I was the only person who sexcited to watch it because this wasn’t Mr.K’s type of movie. He rather sleep in the theater than watching. How bad is that?

For me the movie was so-so. Didn’t give me much impact though. I mean from the effect perspective, plot and the story line.

But I recognized some of the locations used from other movies. The Sir John’s estate (Chatsworth House at Lyme Park) for example, was the same location for Mr. Darcy of The Pemberley from the movie of Pride and Prejudice, as well as for another movie which I cannot recall the title.

view from the Lyme Park

Chastworth House at night

The crypt (The Temple of Ancient Virtue at Stowe House) which the underground was a catacombs was the location where Mr. Darcy expressed his love towards Elizabeth Bennet.

Temple of Ancient Virtue

Temple of Ancient Virtue

And the waterfall in The Wolfman was the location for Becoming Jane.

3 and a 1/2 stars for The Wolfman.

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