kepanasan!! somebody please call B-O-M-B-A!!

another Edward and Bella still from Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Can you handle it, ladies?? Because I cannot help but imagining I am the one who is lying on top of Edward Cullen.


Need to see the first still of Edward and Bella from Twilight Saga: Ecplise?? Click here

Picture is taken from Perez Hilton.


8 thoughts on “kepanasan!! somebody please call B-O-M-B-A!!

      • cuba membayangkan scene ini pada babak mana didalam buku(sambil selak ebook eclipse) pas nieh baru bole senyum sambil golek-golek membaca eclipse. saya xpanas, saya suam-suam kuku jaaaa=P hahaha~~

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