Before we start with the movie review, I start with the cinema review. Ready, get set, go!!

the tickets

I swear I didn’t know there was only Gold Class available in The Gardens for Legion. If I knew this, I will go for Tooth Fairy. RM120 for two movie tickets are too much for me. But anyway, thanks darl.

but i can't deny, it was so comfortable..

It comes with pillow and blanket, along with complementary drinks. You can also order the food from the menu if you feel like eating something during the show.

The real food, mind you. Not popcorn and hot dog, but they serve spaghetti and few more from the menu.

The sofa is adjustable. Just like the Ogawa massage chair. You can adjust it to the almost-like-lying-down position with the foot supporter to support your feet.

best thing is..u can fall asleep comfortably



Let’s talk about the movie; Legion now. Frankly, I don’t really enjoyed the movie. It was not up to what I have expected. And I am not fancy any zombie or infected-human-being story line.

And the plot was not very strong for me. A bit loose here and there. I hardly can understand the movie. What really the baby that Michael tried to save can do to the mankind?

I was totally lost (dah lah 18PL).

The only scene that I like was when the small boy trapped among the zombies. When Kyle was trying to save him, he was no longer crying but humming..because he was one of them.

Even the ending was not very convincing *sigh*.


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