malangnya semalam tong saya masuk angin

During lunch yesterday, Angah, Alex and myself had KFC. I just hit myself with Twister, Cheesy Wedges and Shrimp Nuggets (hell it was so nice!!). But I was not really enjoying my meal, maybe because I was not that hungry for KFC. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday Alex!

his meal

Dinner with Mr.K. He had his Southwestern Quesadillas which was tasty. Served with sour cream, house-made pico de gallo and signature dressing. Mr.K’s choice was Chicken Bacon Ranch. I had one piece of it and it was delicious. Love it!

her meal

But my meal was Fish & Chips. 3 pieces of deep fried fish fillet. Juicy and tender. I can only finish one because it was a big portion for Fish & Chips. The price was reasonable for that much of portion to tell you.

We tried new menu than the one we always opt for. And we enjoyed it together. Where you can get all this? At Chili’s Restaurant.

iZZie speaks:

It’s my Brother’s birthday today. Happy Birthday, Abang. Wait till you beloved Adik to go back home and then we can celebrate your 29th birthday with the whole family.


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