infected (again)

I woke up yesterday, finding the yellow-coloured-eyewax again on my right eyes. But I just ignore it and still wearing my contacts.

This morning, same thing happened. But my right eyes become red already. I knew this going to be happen since yesterday it shows the sign.


The contacts is a brand new contacts. I just started to wear it for few days. Couldn’t be the contacts. But it is for sure I am infected through contact lenses.

And then I realized, the casing that I put my contacts is the one I put my previous contacts I wore when my eyes were badly infected. The casing is no longer sterile and yet, I just put the brand new contacts in the same casing. The result??

Infected again.

I am back as a Chegu again, anak-anak murid sekalian.

I dare not to go and see Dr. Rasool eventhough I stopped wearing contacts for 2 weeks as he forbids. But this one, because of my carelessness. I just use the eye drops from the last visit.

So next time, make sure the casing is sterile, peeps. We need to be extra careful when it comes to eyes. It easily got infected.

So, I am just wasting a pair of new contacts. It’s already in the dustbin..along with the casing.

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