loud music, please!

I am just not myself lately. Like..there’s something missing. Deep down I know. I know there’s something bothering me deep inside. It is just that I can’t figure out what it is.

Like last week. I went to Mid Valley. Entered Carrefour. Absent minded. Just take whatever I found interesting along my way my from one side to another. End up spending hundreds on the items. What I really want to buy, not in the plastic bag eventually.

Even my mood is swinging. Mr.K is the victim. Most of the time he is. Even tiny little thing can make it worse. One mistake ruins it all. Bad mood all day.

And now I am facing another difficulty. I need to change this feeling a.s.a.p. because I have to be professional and not emotional. No matter what. It is my work, my job, my career, my responsiblity and I need to change my perception.

Okay, where’s my Supermassive Black Hole and Time Is Running Out songs? Let the loud music heals the soul (nampak sangat jahilliah.. mana surah Al-Quran yang patutnya jadik santapan rohani dah ko campakkan Izzie??). Okay, sometimes we need loud music, rite?? Just to lighten up our mind.

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