Papa John’s Pizza

For dinner, after we had a long and tiring day of splashing ourselves in Sunway Lagoon, it’s my sister’s turn to treat us. She opted for Papa John’s Pizza in Sunway Pyramid.

That was my first time having pizza other than Pizza Hut. I would say, I love the interior design of the restaurant. The tables and the chairs were comfortable.

Super Papa's Pizza

Super Papa’s Pizza

The classic, ultimate combination of tasty Beef Pepperoni, Italian Beef Sausage, Secculent Chicken Rolls, Fresh Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onion & Black Olives.

My comment: Cheesy and rich with toppings. The dough really soft, even after the pizza went to cold.

Baked Pasta Papa's Special

Baked Pasta Papa’s Special

Pasta served with Grilled Chicken, Beef Pepperoni, Chicken Roll, Green Peppers, Onion, baked in special pizza sauce, and topped with Mozarella Cheese.

My comment: Deliciouso! Loads of cheese on top.

Papa's Platter

Papa’s Platter

Selection of Potato Wedges, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings and Crispy Coated Onion Rings. Served with salsa dipping sauce.

My comment: Tasty Chicken Wings, crunchy Onion Rings but a bit soggy of Potato Wedges. I like the salsa dipping sauce.

Bread Sticks

Bread Sticks

Oven-baked dough sticks served with Special Garlic Sauce.

My comment: Like the pizza, the Bread Stick also has the same soft dough with yummy dipping sauce. Splendid!

Garden Salad

Garden Salad

Garden mix consisting of Iceberg, Red Cabbage and Shredded Carrot with Cherry Tomato and Sliced Cucumber. Served with Thousand Island dressing.

My comment: Fresh veggies with the tempting dressing. I just love it!

two of them

Having dinner for the first time at Papa John’s Pizza gave me a very good experience. The service served the food quite fast. You don’t have to wait for a long time to be served.

Papa John’s Pizza only available in Berjaya Times Square, IOI Mall (Puchong), Aeon Bukit Tinggi (Klang) and Oasis Boulevard (Sunway Pyramid).

two of us

Papa John’s Berjaya Times Square Papa John’s IOI Mall, Puchong Papa John’s Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Klang PapaJohn’s Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid

4 thoughts on “Papa John’s Pizza

  1. ea? the ioi mall? i never see it eventho i went the for like 219823719827408174 times already. need to search for it the very next time i go there. hahaha. seems delish enough with your personal comment! okay sudah tak sabar mao pergi. hahaha XD

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