Sunway Lagoon: Come Feel The Fun

My sister and her boyfriend, along with my dear nephew came down to Kay El last Wednesday for a holiday. So at night, we went out together to KLCC.

singing Christmas Carol

Christmas tree and Ginger Bread

KLCC park - the fountain

KLCC at night

Then very next morning, we off to Sunway Lagoon (eh Kak By, gwe langkah bendul ni..jangan maraaaa aaaa). week in a row I am exposed to direct sunlight. Non-stop! Couldn’t say no because dear nephew was so excited to go for the theme park.. *sigh*

Sunway Lagoon: Come Feel The Fun

we opted for the 2 parks package - blue watch tag

Click here for the entrance rates

Before we hit the Water Park, we went to the Amusement Park first. I played the Pirates ride and the Tomahawk ride. Oh, I had no adrenaline rush at all while playing. Not challenging enough for me.

queuing for the ride

we were sitting in the middle

We rent 2 double tubes. While waiting for the turn to play at the Water Park, there was an incident where a group of ca ya nun alif grabbed our 2 double tubes and runaway.

Fortunately, I saw the the last tube being stolen. I quickly rushed to the boy and yelled from afar, “You are taking our tubes!”. He never expected what he did will be caught red handed.

my nephew & me on the suspended bridge

ai tak gayat pun

After managed to get the first tube, I rushed for the second one. Luckily the other boy was still around the area. He just stood there when I tried to get the tubes back from him. Not even saying sorry or whatsoever, fuck-off those bastards! Haram jadah sunggo. “Stealing!!”, I yelled at them.

sorang buat gaya patung tu..sorang lagi baju belang sama macham patung..elok sangat la tuuuu

So next time when you rent tubes in Sunway Lagoon, just take a good care of the tubes. Other people might be stealing yours.

We were out from the park around 5.00pm.


and hug


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