fly me to..

Dear Mr. Pilot,

I always have a soft spot for a pilot since I was a kid, up till now that feeling never changed. I ever had a dream to become a flight attendant, wearing those tight Kebaya (belah tinggi sampai ke paha) – standing next to you, and smile to the passengers that will be coming on board.

But since I am not tall enough to become one (to be exact, not pretty enough).. I put aside my dream to become a cabin crew. I remain here, on the land and never had a chance to fly with you.

But this time, I’ve got the chance to fly with you. So, please.. fly us safely to the place that you have been scheduled for.












Izzie speaks:

Tiba-tiba teringat lagu Den Pasar Moon – Merry Andani. I’ll be back in 3 days, darlings. Will update you the stories once I get back to Tanah Melayu!


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