verily after each difficulty, there’s a relief

I am so relieved!! No more don’t-feel-like-to-eat syndrome, cannot-sleep syndrome, stomach-ache-for-no-reason syndrome. All gone, end, fin, good-bye!!

Been suffering thinking about it too much, worried sick. But now, I just cannot help but feel like shouting out loud; “Seksa dah berakhir!!”.

For those who already knew, I had my assessment on yesterday. Yeap, it was a great experience to tell you the truth. I met with my ex-schoolmate, Syifa there. And making new friends as well.

When I was doubting at first whether to go or not to go, most of the people around me encouraged me to go for this assessment. Friends and family said I was so lucky, because I just sat the exams for once and manage to go for the second round because many people had to sit for the exams several time before they could go for the next stage -Assessment.

Just to mention, I am talking about Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik (M41).

After sitting for the exams (which I never confident I could can get through because the questions were quite tough and tricky), PTD Assesment Centre (PAC) is the second stage. Let’s break it down on the activities for 1 day session I had gone through. Hope this will help for those who are going to apply for PTD in the future.



After I had registered, all of us were put in the hall for the briefing session. The Officer then explained the PTD roles, rules, what it is all about and etc.

Bare in mind that Government is no longer offering permanent status to the PTDs starting from April 2009. It is based on 2 + 1 years of contract. You pass the evaluation, you’ll get the permanent title. If not, you’ll be dismissed.



This is the discussion session in English. We have been divided into groups, and I was with the other 10 people for this session. During this session, we were given a situation and each of us were given a role.

The main point here are to give ideas and speak.



Debate session in Bahasa Malaysia. Still sitting in groups but this time 12 people around. Yeap, each activities will be in a different groups.

Opposition and Government. One topic is given. The main point are to give ideas, speak, be firm with your opinion and sometimes you need to counter-attack you opponent.



This is the simplest task amongst all. Just answer the questions on the OMR sheet. But there was 427 questions to be answered in 1 hour time.



This is where the physical test will be done. We were in groups, and we need to change into sports attire for this outdoor activities. It was 3pm and it was DAMN FREAKING HOT!

First, we were asked to built a “tiang penebat kilat” from the items given; old newspaper, cellophane tape, scissors and strings. The tiang had to be in 10m tall and suppose to stand without being hold and no hands are allow to be on it when it was to be raised (ditegakkan).

The main idea; to show your leadership working in group and team work.

Second, aerobic. 3 songs were played. We need to choreograph the dance step. I didn’t even bothered to choreograph eventhough I could do so in the Joget song. Just follow whoever had volunteered to do the steps..

The main idea; to show your leadership working in group.

Third, long distance run. We were asked to run for 2.4km in the campus compound (the campus is on top of the hill..). The Officers guided us on which route we should had to take (it was like, hiking..not running because of the sloped route). In the end, we just run for 1.2km instead of 2.4km.

This to test how fit you are. They evaluated and timed the candidates. Different cards for those who finished fast, and those who finished late according to their timing. Yes yes..running under the hot sun.


And that was all about for the PAC I have gone through yesterday. Body and mind tired but hey, I did it!! I managed to participate all off the activities.

So now I just wait for the result to come out. Don’t want to think much about it. And I just don’t want to think about the pros and the cons on this job (because it is a contract job whereas I am already permanent at the current company).

Hope this could help you to have a clearer picture on the assessment. Should you need more info about this PAC?? Do drop me your line at:

As for now, I just want to enjoy and celebrate for this torment has already ended. XOXO.


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