Natrah [part 2]

Full House!!that’s all i can say.

the good..

  • Scene transitioning – it was fast, around 5 seconds. very good!
  • Umie Aida really talented. she acts very well and i can feel her emotions especially when Natrah was being taken away from her.
  • Props – portrayed 40’s – 50’s era.
  • Gimic – there was a scene when they want to do demonstration/picket, the actors/actresses coming out from the side of the exits, passing through the audience (passing through us!) and shouting, “Natrah Islam”, and went straight to the stage.
  • the final scene when Sofea Jane as Natrah at her 70’s, really touching, and it gave me goose-bumps.


and the bad..

  • Audio malfunction – there were times when the microphones were not functioning. When the judge was about to annouce the verdict on Natrah’s trial, audience could barely hear his voice. As for us who are sitting at the front on the 1st level, we could hear his voice but i don’t think those who were sitting on the higher level could do so. Microphones for extras actors also facing the same problems from time to time.
  • Maya Karin forgot her lines!! but well, it was a live show and it is theater!! what do you expect?? it is not easy to be on stage, you know. the adrenaline rush, the lights, the audience, the dialogues, these..and thats. but to prove how good your acting skill -improvise. her flaw was seen so obvious, because she paused.
  • Crew – they were wearing white t-shirts! aren’t they suppose to wear black t-shirts so that when they were doing transitioning, they couldn’t be seen??
  • Vocalizing – somehow, i cannot catch what were they saying on the stage because the actors/actresses in a very deep voice till sound like mumbling (on Sofea Jane’s scenes when she was so sad and frustrated), and shouting (on the riot scenes). i had to refer to the subtitle.
  • Miming – they were miming when they were singing. right??

based on history, naskah Natrah is not easy to be brought on the stage. there were so many aspects the director, Erma Fatima needs to understand before it comes to the theater.

Erma shows Natrah’s happiness when she was at her young age, when she was in Terengganu. Erma shows how Natrah fell in love with Mansor Adabi (Remy Ishak) and then they were married in Singapore. Erma portrayed her suffering when Natrah was taken away from Che Aminah and her husband..and how she was forced to accept her biological parents’ lifestyle and religion.

before the curtain call, the confetti falls from up above. oouuhhh..i really like it because it falls towards us. and watching from the 1st level at Istana Budaya was a great experience!

Natrah has been extended until 13 December 2009. Go grab the tickets while it is still available.

maria bertha hertogh and che aminah

Izzie speaks:

Maya Karin is a belle, Sofea Jane too..Umie Aida as well. but i still can’t figure out why Remy Ishak received the biggest applause from the audience??!! check out Kak By’s blog for more pictures!!


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