Natrah [part 1]

ticket for two

i bought this tickets since 29th October 2009. so sexcited to watch this naskah since Maya Karin is the main role for Natrah. if Diana Danielle agreed to play the role, i don’t think i will go. it is because MAYA KARIN..and Umie Aida as it is a based on history.

Mr.K demanded to pick the best seat for him. so this time, i upgrade to RM53 price ticket per person (habislah duit ako!). oh yes, Mr.K is very demanding and always want to be comfortable when watching movie / theater (padahal dia nak tengok Maya Karin je pun!).

Kak By already watched. tonight is her second time watching Natrah. but she never revealed any spoilers. thank you Kak By. so, wait for my review ya!!

Izzie speaks:

will be going to Istana Budaya straight from office and i forgot my earrings. incomplete. down!!!


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