being sarcastic

riding LRT from office to KL Sentral after office hour pretty much challenging because everybody is rushing to get on the train.

at KL Sentral, it was busy like always. stepping out from PUTRA LRT counter, there were broadband promotion, 3 different telcos back-to-back. TM-MAXIS-P1 Wimax.

i headed to a photo shop. latest passport photo need to be ready for the assessment. i sat on the chair, not even comb my hair. the photographer snapped my picture just using a compact camera, without any proper lighting, not even flash.

RM12 for the stupid photography session. whatever. i never looked good in photo (even for real). after 15 minutes, my photos were ready.

i walked to the PUTRA station again. passing by the broadband booths. the sales boy from Maxis approach me, offering his product. saying straight to his face,

“I am with TM”

-and pointing my index finger towards TM Streamyx booth. and i walked away.

Izzie speaks:

i am using Celcom Broadband, by the way.

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