“Princess Kebaya Contest”

The Chocolate Kebaya

“The Chocolate Kebaya”

This is me with my Chocolate Kebaya. It is just a simple kebaya pendek which my dear mother made it by herself for her daughter. I match the kebaya with a normal sarong (Batik Tiga Serangkai) which was sewn by mom as well.

The Chocolate Kebaya was intended to wear during my “Cybernite” – a dinner function for final year students of my faculty. The theme was Classic Traditional. This picture was taken on that night back then in March 2008.


If you wish to join the contest, find out more on this contest on Wawa’s blog:


Contest closed on 17th December 2009.

Izzie speaks:

WordPress doesn’t support for Java coding for the banner to be embedded on the side bar. Therefore, I just put the banner on the Gravatar. Hope the organizer can accept this ๐Ÿ˜‰


24 thoughts on ““Princess Kebaya Contest”

  1. thank you kak by for letting me know abt this contest! huh, 1st time buat menda ni gara2 kak by.

    not to forget, credit to Latte for snapping this picture. always be my favourite!

  2. salam kenal iZZie…..

    thanks ye join contest wawa…
    syarat suma dh ok….
    cute la chocolate kebaya tu ๐Ÿ™‚
    wawa pun minat chocolate…..
    k good luck tau…tunggu result ye

  3. hahahaha.babe sory sangat td, si dery guna pc ako, ako busy skrg sbb ngn join program permata pintar kat UKM neih, neway gud luck k;D chantek!!;D

  4. Hi, your kebaya looks really nice. I am currently working in Germany and would like to sew one on my own for Hari Raya. Any idea where to get the instructions how to sew one? The one that you are wearing is the perfect style and design that I would like to have.

    Thanks in advance.

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