the hensemest of all

Remember this??!!

When I was shopping at Mid Valley this afternoon, my eyes caught on this sexy sunnies. I stopped by, looking at all the  designs and tried two of them. One with brown lenses and the other with green lenses.

Green lenses and the design suit me better.

chantek dak??

Shopping @ Mid Valley

I was trying Goggles pants and track bottom in the fitting room. And while I was in there, one small girl around 3 years old was knocking hardly and pulling the door. Demmit! I don’t like kids!

Then she went quite because her mom told her that someone was already in the fitting room. When I was taking out my pants, my bump hit the door. Guess what?? The door was flung open, and people outside were queuing at the counters/cashiers looking at me -with just black tube on top and panties!


Badminton @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Mr.K and I went to Michael’s Badminton Academy (MBA) badminton court at Puchong. We were playing badminton for one hour session, together after I went for my shopping (alone) at Mid Valley.

Oh, Mr.K forgot to bring his sport shoes and socks so he played with his Crocs sandal. Looks funny playing badminton in the court but just wearing sandal.

He purposely smashed the shuttlecock towards my body. Few times, I could managed to block the hits. At one time, he managed to smash to my breast. Stupid! Sakit tau tak!!

And out of nowhere, I couldn’t see when it was coming, the shuttlecock went straight to my face on my right cheeks. I’ve got bruises for that.


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