isi perut beta hampir terburai

Mr.K will be away this week, off to Krabi, Thailand for a bachelor party for his friend. Which means, I will be left alone *sob sob*

I met him with a heavy heart. Knowing that yesterday was the only day I’ve got to see him before he flies to Krabi. Waited for him at KLCC. KLCC never been my favourite place for window shopping, knowing that I cannot afford those LV, Bvlgari, Hermes.. Instead of walking around, I just sat at one corner and waited for him to come and fetch me.

Whenever I go out with Mr.K, we will dine together. He knows well that I love to eat (I eat a lot), and he spends a lot for eating outside with me.

He suggested to go for Indian cuisine this time (I’ve been avoiding to have Indian cuisine all this while). The real Indian cuisine, not the one like we always have at mamak. Since I don’t feel like eating anything particular yesterday, I agreed to his idea. We off to Gem’s Restaurant in PJ.

The restaurant has very simple and neat interior design. Not too crowded with decorations. From the menu itself, the restaurant serves Northern Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine.



iced water

They serve iced/warm water in that steel cup. Unique enough but I prefer my cup made from glass, Mr.K. Not just the glass, but plates and all.


Appalam Basket

Appalam Basket


dipping sauce

dipping sauce

Starter: Appalam Basket for RM 1.20

Appalam Basket is actually poppadom. Served with dipping sauce made from mint leaves and sour cream.


His meal: Garlic Naan for RM 4.90

Mr.K had Garlic Naan, along with 2 side dishes.


Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken Tikka Masala

Side dish 1: Chicken Tikka Masala for RM 17.90

I swear it is not even served in a big size of plate or something. Very small in portion, for one person to eat. The Tandoori Chicken is cut into pieces and cooked in Masala Gravy. I taste it – BUT I CANNOT GO, TOKLEH GI.


Aloo Gobhi Masala

Aloo Gobhi Masala

Side dish 2: Aloo Gobhi Masala fro RM 8.90

Small in portion, just for one person to eat. It is actually cauliflowers with potatoes cooked in Masala Gravy. I taste it – BUT I CANNOT GO, TOKLEH GI.

The only thing that always comes to my mind when I see Indian food is, “Lauk dia semua warna merah-merah & terang-terang”.



Chicken Briyani

Chicken Briyani

My meal: Chicken Briyani for RM 15.90

I can’t even finish it. The taste was not that bad, just that not up to my expectation. I can only eat quater of it, the rest.. I just put it aside.



Orange Juice

Fresh Orange Juice

My drinks: Fresh Orange Juice for RM 7.90

His drinks: Mango Lassi for RM 8.90

Yogurt mixed with mango. This one I CAN GO, BULEH GI.


But the worst things of all was when Mr.K called for bills, the waiter served us with the-so-called-thing-to-refresh-your-breath-after-eating. It’s like cumin kind of thing.

I gave it a try after Mr.K had it. I just took 4-5 pieces, popped into my mouth..savor it for a second and UUUWWEEEKKKK!!!


benda alah ni buat ako nak muntah

benda alah ni buat ako nak muntah..puaka betul!!

I can’t describe it how does it taste. Just awful. Awful enough for me, since up till this second I can still feel it in my mouth. And thinking of it, it really makes feel like throwing up.

Izzie speaks:

I am not into pure Indian cuisine.


2 thoughts on “isi perut beta hampir terburai

  1. ala..menda alah tu macam jintan putih kak by. tapi wangi semacam pastu rasa dia pelik ah.. macam bau asap diaorg buat semayang tu pun ye jugak.

    makan benda tu untuk wangikan mulut lepas makan -Indian trandition. tp sangat tak leh blah

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