Selamat Pengantin Baru

Venue: Dewan Perdana, Kompleks FRU, Cheras

Date: 31st Oktober 2009

The week before, the wedding on the bride’s side taken place in Teluk Intan which I did not attend. So I showed up at the groom’s side. Both of them were happened to work in the same department but in the different unit.

the clan

with colleagues


bachelorettes line up

the cake

wedding cake

The food were marvelous. As usual, I never hesitate to make sure my plate is fully loaded.

my plate

fully usual

daging masak hitam


green drinks and green souviners

green drinks and green souvenirs

the bride & the groom

Firdaus & Aishah

Congratulations on your wedding guys!

Izzie speaks:

Congratulations to Rafizah Abu Bakar & Hanif Che Ani for their wedding on 24th October 2009. May you both be blessed with happiness and cute babies.


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