We turn 5 Years Old!!

After having breakfast in the morning at Oldtown, he mentioned that he is going to survey the furniture for his house. And I said okay, I would love to follow since that’s the only time he is available to spend with me.

From Kepong-Selayang-Damansara-Petaling Jaya, we surveyed the furniture, tiles, bathroom, wallpaper shops..you name it. But one that really caught my eyes were Casa Bella Italia in Petaling Jaya. They have all sorts of classic furniture, so many ranges which made my jaws wide open. But Mr. K prefers modern furniture -as for now.

A very tiring day for him since Mr. K does not fancy the walking but on the contrary, I do love the walking. Just because it was a tiring day (so called) for him, he urged to have foot massage.

We went to Mont Kiara, the usual place as we always go for foot massage; Oriental Blitz Reflexology but it was fully occupied, and we made our move to another one called KL Valley.

kl valley #1

kl valley #2

The service was warm and friendly. It was just that, the place is located on the 3rd floor (or maybe 4th floor, I am not too sure), not on the Ground floor like Oriental Blitz Reflexology. RM 40 per pax for one hour foot massage.

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