Final Destination 4

Premonition and how’s Death hunting for them after they escape from a bizarre accident.

  • Final Destination 1: Plane crash.
  • Final Destination 2: Massive pile-up on the highway.
  • Final Destination 3: Roller-coaster crash.
  • Final Destination 4: NASCAR car crash.

gold class

I watched those three Final Destination movies. Yes, all the death were horrified, tragic, and sadist. Same thing goes to this fourth version.

Knowing that it was going to be an unpleasant movie (with blood going to be spilled everywhere the entire 1 hour and 22 minutes), Mr. K agreed to go for this movie with me :D. He opted for Gardens Signature, because he prefers less crowd, more privacy, better in facilities and service.

But this time, Mr. K chose to go for Gold Class!! My first experience watching a movie in Gold Class theater. Single sofa (like OGAWA chair), blanket, pillow, small table, and with complementary drinks. Hell, it was so comfortable BUT DAMN PRICY!! RM 60 per pax!! (which I just realized it today when I want to edit the picture above).

Final Destination 4: there were times, I spotted the CGI technique are not real enough. When the Death came for the survivors, which taken place at the normal places which all of us always visit, gave me goose-bumps. What if the same thing happens if I were there?? Being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.. and becoming one of the victims.

Most of the time, I closed my eyes with the blanket, and sometimes, I covered my head with it when it came to the death scenes. Those with weak-hearted, I don’t suggest this movie. Blood, internal organs, pieces of flesh were everywhere..!!

Izzie speaks:

I met Ning Baizura and husband. They were watching Final Destination too, in the same theater with us. But I never asked for her autograph or taking picture with her though, even she was just next to me when we were in the powder room.


One thought on “Final Destination 4

  1. It was such a great movie. I watched it in 3D theater so I could see it like a real !
    There is nothing in content just having good idea on how each people die ^^!

    Let’s watch it !

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