Balik Kampong!!

Can’t wait for this Friday to come. Because of on this Friday, I am going back home!! It has been a while, like more than 4 weeks since the last time I went back to Penang. So, my to-do list is quite long this time.

  • Hanging out with family. Ask Alang to cook for me. Begedil Daging is a must. I want to eat like A LOT!
  • Hanging out with girlfriends. Loads to catch up with dear friends of mine; Kausar & Shy. Wish Hawa is in Penang too. Kapitan and Naan Tandoori are already in our mind. Ha ha..and can go to Batu Feringghi Night Market as well after berbuka, rite babes?
  • Going to meet my dear hair-stylist, Kenny. And maybe Apieq wants to meet his hair-stylist too. Oh yeah, we share the same hairstylist, including my sister and sometimes my brother (-_+”)
  • I need to prepare something for Mr. K..something which is hand-made (thinking hardly about it..)
  • Really want to eat Cendol Tonggek right after having Nasi Kandar @Line Clear like always. But Cendol Tonggek is not available at night 😦
  • Going to attack Char Kuey Teow stall, and Pasembor, and Penang Assam Laksa, and Rojak Buah, and Pisang Goreng at Mamu’s stall near Dhoby Ghaut there.
  • I want to get egg tart from a bakery in Ayer Itam market. Damn yummy, like no other.
  • Oh, I am drooling for Roti Canai with Parpu + Kuah Daging. Penang curry, peeps, should I describe more???!!!
  • Try my baju-baju raya.. (Harap boleh muat).
  • This year no need to bake biskut raya. Hoooorayyyyy.. But I still want my Alang’s Tart Nanas & Cornflakes Madu.
  • Shopping!! (Is a must).

So technically, I will be leaving from office right after office hour ends, and will be back to work on 3rd of September. I’ll be in heaven, literally speaking people.

Izzie speaks:

I will bring along my lappy and my broadband to Penang as usual. So, don’t ever think to take away and steal my crops in Barn Buddy, J-A-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


8 thoughts on “Balik Kampong!!

  1. hahahahaha, xpa2 akan ku pasti kan b4 ako balik, tanaman ako sumer suda di tuai, hnya yg tingal; tanah yg gersanag..ops!!hahaha

  2. oh, ko sungguh keji jas.
    apa salahnya ko tanam je, dan ako akan menjaganya dengan baik sekali.
    termasukla menuai tanaman ko tuh!

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