Rain, rain, go away!

I feel so sad, I feel so hurt. Eventhough how much I put my hope, my effort, my sacrification, it is all seems no use. Eventually, it means nothing. When I almost have it, almost grab it, almost have it in my hands, I have to let it go.

They are taking an advantage on me. Willing to have it at any cause. They create stories, make up reasons. Don’t even care, as long as they get what they wanted.

But the worst part is, when I thought someone who I can really rely on, when I am having this kind of feeling, at least to pamper me or just to cheer me up when I am whining was just a dream. In the end, I am broken hearted, TWICE.

Gosh.. it’s raining here at the very corner of 30th Floor.


Izzie speaks:

I love walking in the rain because nobody can see me crying.


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