Durjana sungguh!!

ako dah addicted ni!!

sangat-sangat addicted

durjana sungguh benda itu

buat ako jadik ketagih

hari-hari mauuuuuuuu….


jom join ako wehhh


Iz Yana

kat FB

kita main..




Barn Buddy & Farm Ville

bior kita sama-sama addicted


5 thoughts on “Durjana sungguh!!

  1. yeah.. i guess u are rite inchey k
    and i know u understand me well since u play dragonica
    oh, happy weekend to u too, dear!

    • dragonica is over now.. friends are all busy nowadays,
      i am now playing -Heroes of Might and Magic V, playing the 2nd campaign but somehow still didn’t manage to complete the third subcampaign after so many trials.. second one is -Bully, playing as Jimmy Hopkins, bully the bullies, play truancy, get into missions.. overall is to take over the school.. hahaha :p

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