I choose his H-E-A-R-T

Do you believe that usually good looking guys usually come in a package? Good looks, smart and bright, and rich. I do believe that. They come in package.




Good looks! Good looks! And good looks! The first-three-main-criteria that a GIRL looks in a BOY. Who wouldn’t be proud if her boyfriend is damn-super-duper-HAWT like him??



rolls royce-the flying lady

I bet most of the WOMEN rather to chose a rich GUY more than the looks nowadays. I know you agree with me. If not, they wouldn’t give a “Material Girl” title to those women who after the money.



Handsome boy – looks will be faded due to aging. Rich guy – will be broke if he doesn’t know how to manage the money and spend it wisely (or let the girlfriend manages it..phewww).


A wise LADY will choose her MAN not because he is handsome, nor because he is rich. But because she loves him, and he loves her with all their heart.

Yes, it is HEART that matters. I want to live with the MAN who loves me without condition. And with him I want to be for the rest of my life.

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