Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga..

  • I am still sick. Planned to take MC for today but I’ve got a call from user this morning asking about the email invitation for his respective team. No choice. Instead of taking an MC for today, I turned up to office.
  • Mr. K canceled Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince at Signature for our movie watching today. His excuse? “Get well first. Harry Potter tak akan lari“. (Kalau I lari, macam mana?)
  • An Indian lady called me up for something just now. Cakap omputeh punyalah bergulung-gulung lidahnya. Sumpah ako yang sedia pening ni bertambah-tambah pening nak paham.
  • Craving for Mc D. I haven’t been eating properly these few days. Sob sob…
  • 1 more day.. Just 1 more day to go!

sick teddy


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