Oh! Sad Day

  • I was fasting yesterday, but when it was almost 5.30 pm, there were unfinished issues that I need to discuss with my bosses. I ended up going back at 6.40 pm.
  • My body was shivering, aching and I was really weak but I forced myself to walk back home and headed to pasar malam for food.
  • I was collapsed on my bed. My body was hot, fever. Not even realized it was already azan Maghrib. I woke up at 9.00 pm, looking for Ponstan and took 2 tablets + 2 Paracetamol tablets.
  • Forced my self to take shower, I was almost collapsed in front of Zoom. My face turned red. Took my shower by sitting on the toilet. Can’t even stand properly.
  • I am in the office. Continue with my work for a workshop on this Friday. Being fired by the GM about the invitation list. (Pakcik, silalah cakap elok-elok lain kali. Saya ni dahla sangat lembut hati).
  • 2 Ponstans tablets + 1 Ultracarbon Charcoal tablets + 2 Paracetamol tablets for lunch.
  • Still loads to do before Friday comes. God, please give me some strength.

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