I am a bit fatigue lately. Something is wrong somewhere, which I don’t know what causes of my tiredness. Is it because I am missing home very much? I think that is also one of the reasons..

I slept very early yesterday, the main purpose was to cover back my sleepless night. I had my early dinner, and went to bed straight around 8 pm and woke up in the middle of the night, answering my darling’s call.

After putting down the phone, I went to the washroom. Took off my lenses and headed back to bed. Ahhh..it’s midnight, and it was cold.

Woke up this morning, I am not even feel fresh or energetic after hibernating. On the contrary, I feel extremely hungry (this happens everytime if I went to bed with full stomach, I will be waking up with super-duper hungry tummy).

To make thing worse, I left both of my handphones in my room and I have to handle  a not so good events in the office. I want today to end quickly. I wish..


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