Dim Sum

Instead of cooking at home for lunch today, I accepted my other half invitation to go for lunch with him. He said he wanted to treat me dim sum.

I headed to Bukit Bintang alone as instructed since he was already in Bukit Bintang. Walking alone down the street in Bukit Bintang..I was tempted with the whole banners and promotions on Mega Sale, especially when Sungei Wang was just nearby.

My dim sum lunch was taking place in Grand Millennium Hotel, just opposite Pavilion. My darling was not finished with his work yet, so I was waiting for him at the lobby. Grand Millennium Hotel looks more posh at night with the golden lights and the golden fountain.


lily at the lobby

lily at the lobby

We proceed to the Zing, the Chinese restaurant. Our table was just nice, can see the hotel lobby and the golden fountain from our seats. My darling order our dim sum as recommended by the manager in charge.

We ordered quite many, plus with the buffet that has been served. We had our Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea. I forgot to snap the pictures due to the empty stomach which caused me to attack the food without capturing a glimpse of it first. So, I just managed to catch a few after my stomach a bit stable.

dim sum #1

dim sum #2

dim sum #3

dim sum #4

dim sum #5

dim sum #6

dim sum #7

dim sum #8

I prefer steamed dim sum compared to the fried dim sum. Most of the dim sum that I had today were with the prawn filling and yes, it was delicious. My personal advice; eat it while it hot, don’t wait until it is cold.

mata kucing

mata kucing

our desserts

our desserts

Chinese Tea

Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea

Sorry folks, I don’t know how much it costs for the lunch. Never had a chance to peek at the bill today. Where to go and what to do after bloated with yummy lunch? Shopping of course!!! A good exercise to burn up all the calories which I just had. (Alasan adalah sengaja direka untuk menutup tabiat sebenar yang sememangnya tidak mampu menahan diri untuk melaburkan duit apabila berada di Bukit Bintang).

Try dim sum, peeps. It is delicious and worth trying. I am becoming a dim sum fan now. Definitely I will be looking for more dim sum after this..


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