Browsing a local gossip website, ohbulan! yesterday and saw this hot lady’s picture. There was something that caught my attention. She’s in her sunnies -Aviator sunnies.

megan fox in aviator

Click here to read the article and more photos of Megan Fox.

OK, not a big deal. But why I just feel like…*umumumumum* her style is more and more like this strong and the most powerfull woman?? It is non other than…*drum rolls*






angelina jolie in aviator


Oh yes..I LOIKE and ADMIRE this woman very much, and she is the most beautiful-sexy-georgeous woman of all times for me. Look at how sexy and appealing she’s in her sunnies.

Owh.. She is the only one who inspires me to try putting on an Aviator. Yeap, I will try to get one that suits my boolat (round) face. But for now, I will stick to my oversized sunnies until I found the suitable one for me.

me in oversized sunnies


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