The sixth year of Harry Potter in Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry movie is just around the corner!! Woohooooo….!!

I still remember I read The Sorcerer’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban (my favourite) and The Goblet of Fire from library, and the rest of the novels, a friend of mine -Azizah from college back then used to lend me hers.

Reading and watching the movies are completely a different story. I prefer reading , but of course I am dying to watch how Hollywood visualize Harry Potter, and in this case The Half-Blood Prince to the silver screen.

So before the screening starts, let’s take a look at “The Boy Who Lived”, the only one who survived with the “Avada Kadavra” curse from “He Who Must Not Be Named” and carries a lightning-bolt shape scar on his forehead. Izzie is presenting…

Harry: 1st Year in Hogwarts




chumel lagik

Harry: 2nd Year in Hogwarts

masih chumel

masih chumel

Harry: 3rd Year in Hogwarts

auuwww..chumel sangat

auuwww..my fav! chumel & sangat hot dengan hairstyle jurai-jurai gitu

Harry: 4th Year in Hogwarts

cedric diggory 1

cedric diggory 2

Ooooppsssieee.. wrong channel. That’s not Harry Potter but Cedric Diggory. Yeap baby, our hot-sizzling-sexaaayyy heartthrob  ROBERT PATTINSON! *screeeammmmmm!!!*

langsung tak chumel dengan hair style macam tuh!

langsung tak chumel dengan hairstyle macam tuh!

Harry: 5th Year in Hogwarts

semakin membesar & maskulin..kurang chumel

semakin membesar & maskulin..kurang chumel

Harry: 6th Year in Hogwarts

harry/daniel makin membesar..tidak lagik chumel..

harry/daniel makin membesar + rambut ala military = tidak lagik chumel..

Till we meet again in the next entry on Harry Potter. As for now.. Stupefy!!!


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