“Bila seluar yang dibeli sudah terasa ketat apabila mengancing butang dan mengezip seluar..

Dan bila mana baju terasa sendat dan menampakkan lipatan-lipatan sejarah di perut.”

Plus with the evidence below..

my fat ARM!!!

my fat ARM!!! (gambar hanyalah lakonan semata-mata)


  • Lack of exercise, sleeping more than 10 hours on weekedays.
  • Sitting on the chair in the office from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm. Sit, and sit, and sit..
  • And at least 12 hours of sleeping time on weekends.
  • Plus the sleeping-after-heavy-meals routines.
  • Big portion on every meals.
  • Eat-sleep-eat-sleep.

I am becoming like a..


P/s: My dear darling..when are we going to play badminton and go for jogging together?? Tskk… (-_+”)

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