Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen [part 3]


When I thought everything has to be cancelled due to his tight schedule, when I already posted an entry which I won’t be going for the movie watching after ticket has been bought, and to add to my misery last night, he chose to go for a discussion meeting than going to Mid Valley with me.

But my darling kept his promises for the movie watching last night!! GSC Mid Valley was packed with Transformers fan and all theaters were full house! I didn’t surprise.

But I was surprised, and quite disapointed with Revenge of The Fallen. I know, maybe out there you guys won’t be agree with me. Or maybe I am fussy and had a very high expectation on Transformers 2.

the fallen

I would say the storyline was not that good and weak compared to the first installation. Too many scenes, too many characters. And this time there were so many new robots, which I don’t even know what’s the name and not familiar with it either. When it came to the college scene, it was way too long and I didn’t understand why Michael Bay had to run that scene for quite some time.

Can’t deny the sound effects and CGI from the Transformers 2 were way better than the first one. Megan Fox is hot! But her pouty lips are not! (Oh, it rhymes, babe!) Did she had lips injection/collagen injection? Because of her lips look so different from Transformers 1. She kept showing her pouty lips in every scenes, Angelina Jolie wanna be?

I was surprised with myself when it was reaching towards the end of the show. I kept looking at my watch! Does it mean Revenge of The Fallen was not that entertaining and no satisfaction guaranteed?

prime and bee


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