Krabi [part 3]

Day #3

Nothing much to do on the 3rd day since we were leaving early from Thailand on that day. Our flight was at 12.50 pm local time.

Before leaving the hotel, my other half and me went out for the last minute shopping. It was still early in the morning, around 9.00 am so technically the shops were still closing. I just grabbed whatever catches my eyes..

Before sending back the red scooter, I had my moment to view the beach -the Andaman sea. The tide was high, the waves were rough and I just stood there for a moment.

We sent the bike, and the lady in-charged asked her worker to send us back to the hotel by bike. A Nouvo scooter with 3 person riding on it..and the boy was speeding (-_+).

We left at 10.30 am from the hotel and reached at the airport 30 minutes later.


Thailand – I love the people, and how they treat tourists. They were very polite, and there were times I was having difficulties to communicate with them. But they tried very hard to speak in English, and they should be given credits for that.

Most of the islands there were impacted by the tsunami which occurred in December 2004. Most of the corals were damaged and no  longer like the days before the tsunami. I can see the evacuation route signage almost everywhere in Krabi and all the islands. I think this is how the local authorities try to plan ahead for emergency in case the same thing happen again.

In my opinion the person who is accompany you and with who you are traveling with plays a major role for having a dull holidays or enjoyable one. In my case, I am lucky to have him with me all the time. That made my vacation a memorable one, else..doesn’t matter!

End of Holidays in Krabi..


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