Krabi [part 2]

Day #2

It was the day where we went for an Island Tour! According to the schedule, it starts from 8.30 am – 4.00 pm. We chose to go to Phi Phi Island tour which cost 1000 Thai Baht per pax. The tour service picked us up at the hotel at 8.00 am in the morning and headed to the jetty.

the speed boat and the jetty to the boat..scary dowh~

the speed boat and the jetty to the boat..scary dowh~

We were so lucky! It was a hot and sunny day. According to the tour guide, Sunny, it was raining heavily in Krabi last week and they had to cancel all the tours. And so I applied my sun block (I don’t fancy getting my skin tanned), and ready to go with the speedboat to Phi Phi Island.

  • 1st stop – Maya Bay; the stunning location for the Hollywood film “The Beach”.

maya bay

Maya Bay

journey to the toilet

journey to the toilet



  • 2nd stop – snorkeling time at the Lohsamah Bay! Geared up and splushhhhhh…
  • 3rd stop – Pileh Bay; the fantastic lagoon sight seeing.
  • 4th stop – Viking Cave is a cave right at the sea level filled with bird’s nest. Painted on the walls are ancient colour paintings resembling Viking boats hence the name Viking cave.
  • 5th stop – Monkey Bay; a bay with monkeys.
  • 6th stop – Phi Phi Don Island; lunch (provided -plain rice, Sweet & Sour Fish, Seafood Tom Yam -I noticed that they put fresh fish in any Seafood Tom Yam in Thailand, Mixed Vegetables, Mexican Chicken Drummettes, Chicken with Vegetables and Salads),  shopping, and relaxing for 1 and a half hour.

cabana hotel sign

shopping area

shopping area

  • 7th stop – Hin Klarng; an open sea snorkeling! It was very shallow and I step on the corals!!!

snorkeling #1

snorkeling #2

  • 8th stop – Bamboo Island; snorkeling again, exploring the beach and being served with fresh pineapples, watermelon and Marble cakes.

The tour ended at 4.00 pm and they sent us back to the hotel. But my journey never stop there.

thai massage

After a tiring journey, it’s a MUST to get a massage. What’s the point of going to Thailand if you don’t pamper yourself with Thai Massage? So we went to this place, which has an open concept. No walls nothing. I was facing the beach while being massage.

matress line-up

matress line-up

The lady who massaged me was a Muay Thai masseur (-_+”). But hey! It was damn cheap! 200 Baht for 1 hour Thai Massage. My other half who chose Oily Massage for one hour had to pay 200 Baht as well. SO CHEAP!!! Manicure and pedicure also around that rate!!

tea time

tea for two

After being served with hot tea, we headed back. We had enough for the day. The activities continued at night. We were down to the shopping stretch for the whole night, hunting for some souvenirs to bring back home.

My darling was hunting for imprinted t-shirts with the ‘odd’ wordings while I was hunting for fridge magnets. I was so disappointed because the fridge magnets are not so popular in Krabi. I ended up buying nothing for that night.

We had our late dinner, the restaurant almost empty by the time we set our foot in. It was 10 o’clock local time but almost all the shops were closing, except for the bars and clubs.

End of day #2..



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