Krabi [part 1]

Ahoy! So what was I talking about on the last post, The Day After Tomorrow? What was I counting down for? I was counting down for this..

Holidays in Krabi, Thailand!

Hell, no element of surprise at all (since I’ve put it as a title, for sure you guys already knew where I went). To the exotic land -Thailand, four of us took off from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia to Krabi at noon and landed at the Krabi Airport at 12.15 pm local time.

the location of Krabi

the location of Krabi

Day #1

We chose to stay at Buri Tara Resort, at the Ao Nang beach. We check-in at the hotel, and the lobby was an open space concept. They served us with cold and fresh pineapple juice. Seriously, it was so relief with the hot weather in Thailand.


the room


swimming pool


* pictures above are taken from Buri Tara Resort

elephant towel

We then took Tut-tut to the Ao Nang centre. With 20 Thai Baht per head, it was very cheap but it was like life-threatening because 4 of us riding in that small Tut-tut. Rather than taking Tut-tut to go around the places, my other half and I opted to rent a bike for 150 Thai Baht per day. We go for a red scooter (I loike!) 😀

the life threatening Tut-tut #1

the life threatening Tut-tut #1

the life threatening Tut-tut #2

the life threatening Tut-tut #2

red scooter

red scooter

After a short tour at the Ao Nang centre, we went for a swimming at the hotel’s swimming pool. Dinner took place in one Indian + Thai Restaurant which I forgot the name. I go for Thai food. The Tom Yam was the original Thai Tom Yam, which was extremely spicy and very strong with lime juice twist. And the food served was quite pricy.

the restaurant

the restaurant

night in Krabi

night in Krabi

We strolled down the shopping stretch by bike. Proceed to the Luna Bar and relaxed there by the beach under the starlite sky accompanied by the sea breeze and the sound of Andaman sea waves.

End of day #1..


Note: RM1 = 10 Thai Baht, or USD 1 = 34 Thai Baht approximately.


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