Terminator Salvation

terminator salvation

Ladies’ Night baby! No, no..we did not go to the club nor golfing but movie watching. We opted for Terminator Salvation. Yeah, it has been a while since it has been showed but well, with the tight schedule (TIGHT???), we couldn’t manage for a movie.

Since almost everyone gave a good review for this movie, I don’t have to say more about it. I have to admit that it was a great movie, pack with actions and thrillers. Sitting at the J row in Theater #11, I can feel the vibe on each crushing-fighting scenes.

Girls remain as a girl. Ayu fell for Marcus, and same thing goes to Kak Jah. Nad asked them to Wiki who played the role for Marcus. Girls, you guys already Googled who played the role? -I did. 😛

Kak Ayu, thanks for the treat! Kak Zati and Kak Aishah, don’t be sad because we were separated (I saw two guys were sitting next to you Kak Zati..hehe). And hey, I can’t wait to watch Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen!

3 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation

  1. xkisah dok mane pun yg penting nmpk dgn jelas muka si marcus wrigth tu…haha dan guys kat sebelah akak tu cina ok..so direjek.

    mari..marii…pasni kita tgk transformers lak…

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