What I Like About You


  • You don’t mind swapping your food/drinks with me when my order cannot satisfy my taste buds.
  • You know something wrong with me through my expression (which I am very much aware it was so obvious -open book).
  • Having breakfast on Sunday morning in Brickfields. You ordered “Wantan Mee Kicap”, Yong Tau Fu, Soya Beans and Chinese Tea while I was puzzling what to eat.
  • Go to the pasar malam with you on every Sunday and having the most cooling and refreshing Air Mata Kucing.
  • You don’t mind sitting in the same table and looking at me having my big portion of food while you on the other hand, having small portion of food. You don’t mind with my big appetite.
  • You don’t promised me anything because you afraid you can’t fulfill your promises. And now I realized, you don’t want me to be disappointed.
  • You use psychology to make me surrender to you. You and your games of mind.
  • Your perfume (especially your Hugo Boss perfume). Sexy enough for me!
  • Your commitment and your dedication to your family, and me. It has been 5 years baby!
  • Oh! I cannot deny.. I love your car 😀



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